The Unbearable Question of Legitimacy

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Written And Submitted By: George McClellan


The Establishment Deep State is in a dither that Trump won’t concede and worry why 74 million American Trump supporters won’t unify under the usurper criminal, Joe Biden’s leadership as the next President. “Can’t we just get along?”  No, we can’t, no more than they could!


Democrats are desperate that the legitimacy of Biden’s election victory is under attack by outraged Americans who see mounting evidence of a Democrat Party criminal conspiracy to get Trump out of office before he ruins everything while the media attempts to discredit all evidence of voter fraud as kooky conspiracy theories. Then came Georgia, a video revealing four Democrat election officials scanning thousands of ballots removed from suitcases secreted beneath tables after Republican observers were ordered to leave. The Democrats spent four years and failed to make Trump look like a Russian spy or a Ukrainian Agent of Influence so, their last hope was to rig the 2020 election. OMG! Are they good at that!


The Democrat Party, now thoroughly Marxist, sees no need to observe electoral procedures so they throw themselves wholeheartedly into delegitimizing election results that don’t go their way. Statesmanship is only a memory now. Richard Nixon did not challenge Chicago mayor Daly’s stuffing the ballot box for JFK to win the presidency all in the name of preserving the national election process. He could have! Al Gore conceded, then withdrew his concession to challenge the vote count and we are forever gifted with “hanging chads.” Gore’s loss was at the hands of a frustrated Supreme Court tired of all that phony vote count nonsense.


In complete violation of the law and once standard voting norms, Obama weaponized the FBI, DoJ and the Intelligence community to spy on Trumps campaign. Under Obama’s direction, the stealth attacks against Trump involved the totally phony Steele dossier, lying to the FISA court by withholding pertinent information specifically, the whole scheme being a plot paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign, and a complaint about a phone call to the new Ukrainian President.


So, Democrats want to know why Trump voters won’t cooperate with the usurper Joe Biden’s transfer of power. Its because Democrats refused to accept the Trump presidency as legitimate. Soon, expect the usual suspects, Hillary Clinton, Jerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer, Maxine Waters &, to go into a full court press to lie, obfuscate and confuse the voter ballot recount process. When that is accomplished and the usurper Biden’s presidency is underway, these kooks will then seek to charge Trump, as a private citizen, with unspeakable crimes. They must completely destroy Trump and his successful economic legacy or they will forever be looking over their shoulders waiting for the reward that is sure to come. 


Even the corrupt Main Stream Media is desperately urging Americans to accept the criminal usurper Joe Biden’s call to “unify” the nation. That will not happen. Stealing elections by the followers of Marxism cannot happen with free men without the totalitarian police state socialism needs to keep the reigns of power. Biden, or is it Kamala Harris’s administration, cannot exist in  a free society. They will come after our guns or they will always be looking over their shoulders.  


Democrats spent four unsuccessful years trying to delegitimize Donald Trump, the greatest leader since Lincoln or even Ronald Reagan. Trumps electoral victory of nearly 78,000 votes was trashed by criminals. Trump and Conservative Republicans need to return the favor. A Democrat administration will be another Obama disaster for America. As Americans, we can’t have that. We can’t sit in our chairs and hope Trump will come back and make things right.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em! (04Dec20)

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